The Vasant Vihar Club is a prestigious club of Delhi. The club is known for the pleasing ambience it provides for its Members to meet and interact socially. It provides excellent facilities for dining; games and sports, such as swimming, squash, tennis, badminton, billiards, table tennis and cards; as well as for hosting of parties.
The Club Management requests the Members to abide by the Code of Conduct, as it will enable the entire membership to enjoy the facilities, while maintaining the culture and environment they desire. This document lays down general standards of conduct for all Club Members, guests and employees, while on the premises. The purpose is not to restrain Members in any way, but to allow them to pursue their interests in an atmosphere of bonhomie and friendship, without infringing on the rights of other Members.


There should be no parking or obstruction by any car in front of the three gates of the club or the tennis courts, at any time. This can be a serious safety hazard.

Cars shall be parked outside the Club premises, at owner’s risk. Only owner driven cars are permitted to be parked in the areas so marked.

Only disabled/physically challenged members and guests, requiring wheel-chair assistance, will be allowed to be dropped and picked up from inside the Club premises. This facility shall not be misused to wait or park the car inside the premises. The guards have been instructed to enter the particulars of all cars, and that of the member concerned, while permitting entry. The gates are equipped with CCTV cameras, and the guards have been told that they are liable to face disciplinary action if they fail to register such entries.

Members are requested to kindly cooperate with the guards and traffic wardens, as these systems have been instituted for their own safety, security and convenience. Any deviation from these guidelines may result in unfortunate incidents, for which the member alone will be responsible.


Members are requested to carry their Membership Cards with them all the time, when visiting the premises, and should register their guests1 at the Club Reception, before entering the Club House. Members failing to register guests will be required to pay a penal fee.

If any help or attendant is accompanying the member, the help/attendant will be treated as a guest if he/she enters one of the restaurants and would be required to be entertained at the same table, as that of the respective member.


A Dress Code has been adopted to preserve the Club’s ambience as a respectable, family-oriented venue for its Members.

Members, and their guests, can wear any formal/national attire, or smart casuals, as long as it is appropriate in keeping with Club decorum.

The permissible number of guests will be specified periodically by the Club Management.
However, the following items of attire are not permitted inside the Club House2, after 9 am.

For Men/Boys

Sports Gear

Swimwear/Track suits/Bermudas/shorts/tattered jeans Sleeveless/collarless T-shirts

Crumpled kurta/pyjama

Rubber chappals/slippers

Patkas (for males above 15 years)

For Women/ Girls

Fitness attire/swimwear/tattered jeans

Rubber chappals/slippers.

Use of
Cell Phones

Cell phones should be put on silent mode before entering the Club. The entire Club is a ‘silent zone’ for ring tones.

If Members are required to answer or make voice calls, they may do so only in the corridors and are strictly prohibited from speaking on the phone in the restaurants, card rooms, library, lounges, party rooms and sports arenas. Members should be extremely mindful of causing inconvenience to other members by speaking loudly on the phone.

In cases of departure from these norms, the Club Staff has been instructed to courteously remind members and their guests from using their phones in the prohibited areas, and to report cases of non-observance to the management.


The entire Club is a ‘No Smoking’ zone. Any member found smoking inside the club premises will be in violation of government instructions in this regard,3 and cases of infringement will be dealt with according to the statutory regulations.

Food and

Members will ensure that they partake of drinks and eatables only in the designated outlets/areas. No food or drinks obtained from outside the club is permitted to be brought into and consumed in any part of the club.

Members are not permitted to carry alcoholic drinks and glasses outside the licensed areas. Such acts would be in violation of the relevant Excise Rules and any infringement will invite severe penalties.


Parents, or other adults, bringing children under the age of 13 into the Clubhouse must keep them in their immediate presence, and under their control and supervision.
Children aged 13 and above are permitted access to the clubhouse facilities, on their own, with the understanding that they conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen. They are not allowed to loiter, romp or play in the Clubhouse areas.


No Member shall give any money, by way of tips or gratuity, to any club staff, permanent or contractual.


Members are requested to:
Behave responsibly and ensure conduct in a manner, which does not bring disrepute to the club, events, organizers, participants or sponsors;

Treat other members, guests and staff fairly, equally and with respect and courtesy;

Report any inappropriate behavior of a Member or Staff to the Club Management for appropriate action;

Be vigilant in reporting real or perceived safety hazards to the staff and/or Club Management;

Make constructive suggestions to the Club Management regarding operations and facilities for the betterment of the Club; and

Abide by and uphold the Code of Conduct.

Towards Staff

Members should recognize that the Club Management is alone responsible for instructing the staff in the performance of their duties. They should not denigrate, insult or raise their voice at the staff. Instances of misbehaviour by the staff should be reported to the Management and Members should refrain from taking any action on their own.


The Banquet hall and party areas may be booked by Members for their functions. The responsibility for the behavior of the guests, attending the function, is that of the member booking the function.


Members should maintain due decorum while using the card rooms, so as not to disturb other members. Members should be careful about speaking loudly or in any other way disturbing other players.

Food and beverage items consumed in these rooms should be only those that have been purchased or ordered from one of the club restaurants/cafes. Consumption of items from external sources is strictly prohibited.


Swimming is allowed during the prescribed timings and only when a lifeguard is on duty. Members and guests must register at the swim office before entering the pool. Members are responsible for the actions of their pool guests. The lifeguards have complete authority to enforce all rules and to otherwise control swimming in the best interest of health and safety at all times. Diving/running/ walking on the pool deck is prohibited, as is roller blading and skate boarding. Attendants and helpers are not allowed in the change rooms and the areas marked for Members’ use. A child under nine years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult, at all times, while in the pool areas.

The small pool is reserved for children under five years.

Members are requested to strictly comply with the following:

Use only appropriate swimwear in the pool.

Ensure that swimmers with long hair wear swim caps before entering the pool.

Take a shower and dip feet in the foot bath before entering the pool.

Avoid entering the pool with bandages or adhesive tape on the body.

Note that individuals with abrasions, lacerations or skin ailments are not allowed to enter the pool.


Members must be appropriately attired when using the gym. They should also ensure that they do not use the machines for longer than permitted.

Members are required to wipe down each equipment after they have used it. They are also requested to put the weights and, other equipment, in their designated places after use.


Members are requested to abide by the guidelines, issued from time to time, for the use of the courts. They must be appropriately attired, while using these courts, and totally refrain from playing any games, other than those specified, on these surfaces.